6 Vacancy including 3 Legal Metrology Inspector NJD

Legal Metrology Inspector (Category : 485/2022) No. Examination was held on 10.06.2023. When will the result be published? What is the expected vacancy?

Shortlist (SL 236/2023/ER XIV) has been published on 27.11.2023 based on the examination held on 10.06.2023 for the post of Legal Metrology Inspector (Category 485/2022) in Legal Metrology Department.

The list will be available on the official website of PSC (www.keralapsc.gov.in) and on the profile of the candidates involved. Currently there are 6 vacancies including 4 expected vacancies and 2 NJD vacancies. 97 persons in the main list of the short list and in the sub-list for various communities

(Supplementary list) There are a total of 216 people including 119 Perum. (Cut off marks 43.38) Rank list will be published after conducting interview for shortlisted candidates.

ICDS Supervisor

ICDS The application deadline for the post of Supervisor (Category No. 245/2023) is over. How many have applied?

Department of Women and Child Development I.C. D.S. A total of 19,284 candidates have applied for the post of Supervisor (Category 245/2023 Direct Recruitment).

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